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Nudge has been built on the experience, research, and passion we developed during our PhDs. Our ethos and work are inspired by behavioural economics, psychology, and neuromarketing. Our technology is driven by electrical engineering, signal processing, and machine learning. Using a combined knowledge of these fields we analyse consumer behaviour. 




Mohammed Abdulaal, Ph.D

Mohammed is an expert in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. His expertise enable him to develop world class algorithms that can translate brain activity into behavioural insights, or interpret emotions from facial expressions. These algorithms are the key to high-class neuromarketing research that can accurately interpret consumer behaviour.

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Eleanor Trimble, Ph.D

Eleanor is a behavioural scientist who applies her academic expertise to solve real world retail problems. Experienced in behavioural economics and consumer psychology, combined with conducting neuromarketing research measuring eye movements and brain activity, Eleanor can provide invaluable insights into what motivates your consumers' actions and purchase decisions.


Alex Casson, Ph.D

Dr Alex Casson is an associate professor at the University of Manchester, in the school of electrical and electronic engineering.  His research interests include personalised electrodes via additive manufacturing, signal processing, and closed loop sense-actuate devices.

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